Monday, 25 November 2013

Don't know what cha got until it's gone

Isn't it funny how you don't realise how good something is until you stop using it? The old saying " You don't know what you got until it's gone" is very true of two products for me at the moment. Last summer I bought my first bottle of Argan Oil after reading about it everywhere. Now in the last 18 months the market has really exploded with argan/morrocan oil and you would have had to live under a rock to have not seen or heard of it.

I wrote a blog post about the one that I bought from Boots last summer, and the bottle lasted ages and only ran out about 6 weeks ago. I used to use a couple of pumps on wet hair and then again when my hair was dry and styled. It was only when I ran out and stopped using it I realised just how much good it was doing my hair. My hair started to feel dry and I was finding it harder to get a comb through it and it was snapping quite a bit. So credit where credit is due, Argan oil you did a pretty good job.

I was out shopping and nipped into Boots and was looking around the hair care section. I wanted to buy a new bottle and ended up looking at all the big name versions of the oil. Argan oil seems to be in everything now. I walked back and forth between one product and another and couldn't decide on which one I was going to get. I finally settled on a Schwatzkopf Got2b oil-licious, it comes in sweet little 50ml bottle and I paid in the region of £4 for the bottle because I didn't want to fork out £13 for another bottle of what I had last time. Yes I was trying to be cheap, and it serves me right that I got stung, because I do not like this stuff at all!

From the first use I wasn't all that keen, but I wanted to give it a fair go before judging. I have been using it for about a month now and I am no more impressed with it now than I was after the first use. I don't want to sound like all I am doing is bashing this product, because I am sure there will be people out there who like it, each to their own and all that.

Firstly I am not keen on the smell of the product, so that instantly put me off. But of course you can't smell it on your hair so it's no reason to not use it. Fragrance aside, I just don't find the oil to do a very good job, the effect on the health of my hair is marginal, I use quite a lot at a time because a little does not go a long way with this product. The teeny 50ml bottle is going to run out pretty quick at the rate I am using it, so it is nowhere near the value for money that my original Argan oil purchase was. The other thing I am not a fan of is the bright amber colour of the oil, although it looks very pretty (having said that, I thought the oil would be clear and it was just the packaging that was amber) I have light blonde hair and it worries me to use something so coloured on it because I think it might make my hair colour look a little brassy.

My last point is that is just doesn't seem to absorb into my hair like the other oil did. I am always left with a film on the palm of my hand, no matter how many times I run my hands through my hair which I didn't used to get. My hair never seems as smooth when I have finished styling it and still always looks a little dry.

Dissapointing, I guess I should have just stuck with my original find rather than trying to save a few quid!

Ah well, lesson learned.

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  1. Your right. There are so many available now, I never know what one to go for. Thats why I like reading blogs like this, they help us make informed decisions. Thanks :-)


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