Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Peaches and Clean

As much as I am a massive fan of soap and glory, I didn't choose to buy their cleanser to try it. I was quite happy using my No 7 hot cloth cleanser, but I ran out of that and am way too lazy so I didn't trundle off and buy any more so I dug out a bottle of peaches and clean I got in a Christmas hamper.

I am so glad I did though because I loved it from the very first time I used it, I love the peachy fragrance, how soft it leaves my skin, and the fact that it doesn't dry my skin out at all. My skin has responded really well to it actually, better than it ever did with the No 7 cleanser so I feel like it was actually quite lucky that I was too lazy to go and get another cleanser, or I might have never discovered how much I love this one!

It says in the description to pay extra attention to massaging it into problem areas, I always make sure I work it into my nose and chin really well as it is supposed to unblock and minimize pores. I have noticed a difference in my nose, it does seem to tighten pores a little bit and it works without making the skin on my nose peel as some other products have done in the past.

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I was starting to run out of my new beloved product and had looked in the soap and glory section of 2 different branches of Boots and couldn't find any, so I began to wonder if it had been discontinued. I checked on the soap and glory website and it was still available so I hit a massive Boots in a shopping center to see if they had it and it wasn't there either. By chance I decided to wander down to the skincare section and it was there! 
Yes you may be thinking what an idiot I am for not checking there sooner, but I honestly thought that all soap and glory products were together, so it hadn't occurred to me to check anywhere else! So just in case you are thinking of trying this little gem, it will be with the skincare : )

Boots sell this in 200ml bottles for £8.00, I think it is well worth it.


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    1. Thank you Victoria! Just had a look at your blog, it's really good. Where do you live? It looks beautiful.

  2. Great post! I love soap and glory.


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