Monday, 19 November 2012

Rituals Fujiyama Mandarin and Mint Body Wash

I have been wanting to review this body wash for quite a while now, but it kept slipping my mind and I would be reminded when walking into the bathroom and then forget as quickly as I was reminded upon my exit. Well finally I have remembered!

Rituals Fujiyama foaming shower gel

This is from the foaming shower gel range, so starts off as a shower gel when you pump it into your hand and then transforms before your eyes into a thick foam. It comes out of the bottle quite fast, so many times I have ended up with way too much product in my hand and then it expands as it turns into foam (and I fight the urge to turn it into a bubble beard). This sort of gel to foam formula is perfect for doubling up as a shaving foam, so you don't need to have to products (not that I ever do anyway, I am way to lazy for that.) The foam has a lovely thick creamy consistency so feels nice and rich on your skin, the smell is very refreshing. More citrus than mint though, to be honest I can't really smell any mint at all but the fruity notes from the mandarin are lovely.

I do really like the novelty factor of foam body wash, maybe it appeals to the kid in me. If like me, you enjoy foamy, bubbly bath time then check out the range of gel to foam washes from Rituals here. They are £7 each for a 200ml bottle, and would make a lovely stocking filler for a female friend or relative. 


  1. This sounds amazing, I love the foaming idea!

    I've nominated you for a Liebster Blog award, hope you enjoy the tag :) x

  2. I have been wanting to try the foaming shower gels from Rituals for a while now but the price has always put me off - I may have to try them now :)

    1. I know they are not that cheap, but their stuff is lovely. Maybe a Christmas treat for yourself?


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