Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Dark As The Night Sky

Firstly I know I have been MIA recently, I have had a bit going on in my personal life and needed to take a few days for myself to recoup. But I am back now!

If you don't already know, this month's Glamour magazine has a Nails inc freebie in it, after much deliberation I decided to get the darkest nail colour option out of the 4 and that was Motcomb Street which is a really dark midnight blue which looks almost black in the bottle.

nails inc motcomb street

I don't very often use anything other than OPI on my finger nails, I am a bit of an OPI freak. But the formula of nails inc is so lovely. The polish is a great consistency and really easy to paint with and it goes on wonderfully. I only used one coat for these pictures which is pretty good for such a dark colour, but it covered perfectly and is completely opaque. The only nail that could do with another coat is my thumb, but that is purely because it is a larger nail so needs a little more product and I like to do thin coats so it dries faster (less time for me to smudge it!)

I am a huge fan of deep colour nail polish so I do quite like this, I think I might add a little gold to it somewhere though......

The other 3 shades you can get your hands on with the magazine are a pale pink, gold glitter and a red. Glamour is only £2 and the nail polish is worth £11 so it's a no brainer, go get yourself one!


  1. love it!!! love dark blue polish!

    1. it is lovely isn't it. I have just added some gold flecks to the tips and it looks gorgeous!


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