Monday, 22 October 2012

What's In My Handbag

I am quite nosy so I like these posts, I have no idea why I find it interesting to find out what other people keep in their bag but I do. So here is my handbag, I will say now that I'm sorry it's not very interesting but I have a very small bag and I don't like carrying around a load of rubbish. I am like a goldfish, I will grow into my surroundings so if you give me a bigger bag I will fill it with all sorts of junk I don't need just because I can! Give a girl an inch and all that.

stories of an english rose

This is my bag, it's a very small cross body bag I picked up from George for £4. I bought it to tie in with an outfit I was wearing for a friends birthday back in the summer, and I thought it was cute and went well with most things so I didn't swap back to my other bag. I'm not someone who changes my bag daily, or even weekly. I hate the hassle of swapping everything over from one bag to another, I know what you're thinking. How long will that take with a bag as small as this? Fair point, not very long at all, but I just can't be bothered!

stories of an english rose

This is the contents of my bag, not very much at all. I have my (also tiny) purse which is from Fossil and I love it, I am a massive fan of teal green so I fell in love with this as soon as I saw it and also have the matching bag. 

A pack of Kleenex blotting sheets to absorb shine from my face, 

A random pack of sweetener that I didn't use, 

My Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in 101, 

My keys on a cute butterfly keyring that my boyfriends aunt and uncle gave me for Christmas, 

A tube of Carmex which is one of my favourite lip balms,  

A sachet of my IBD medication. 

Not really very interesting at all, I'm a kind of travel light type of girl and the one that always has to ask her friends for a nail file/pair of scissors/ pain killer because I don't think to carry them with me. It could be that a lot of my friends cart suitcase sized bags with them so I know they will often have anything I may need. 

One of my friends once admitted to carrying around a full change of clothes, pair of straighteners and shoes in her bag as well as all the usual gunff , which made me laugh as she is very petite and her bag is almost as big as she is. Another friend of mine always throws her debit card in her bag rather than putting it back in her purse, so it always losing it amoungst all the junk she carries round. And they always take the mikey out of me and my little bag, but at least I don't lose things haha!


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