Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The Rusty Eye Look

Rusty copper colours were seen on the runway at Chloe at Paris Fashion Week, seeing as I have just bought  the Famous High Five compact in Glitzy which contains beautiful copper and gold colours, this inspired me to create another look for you and show you another way to use your eye-shadow colours.

So using the same compact as yesterday:

famous cosmetics

I created this look:

bronze eye make-up

Rather than using the darkest colour to shade on the outer edge and socket line, I did a gradual fade with the colours instead. I started with the darkest bronze colour along the lash line, then a line of the darkest gold, then the lighter gold, then the cream gold. The using a blending brush lightly brush back and forth over the entire eye until you have blended in the lines between each colour and it just looks as though it fades out.

Backstage at PFW, the make-up being done for Chloe.

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