Thursday, 4 October 2012

The Dark Side of Beauty

Some of you may remember I blogged about fake make-up a couple of weeks ago and mentioned that I had been conned into buying fake MAC pigments a couple of years ago via ebay and then Kayleigh from Couture Girl blogged about a friend of hers that had also purchased what turned out to be fake MAC make-up. At first this just seems to be annoying, you think you are getting a bargin and it turns out that the product isn't as good as it should be if it had been the original. My thoughts when I bought the fake pigments was that I didn't pay very much for them, so even thought they were no-where near as good as the real thing, it was no big deal. I still used the products and I thought there was no major harm done ( I had complained to the seller and she had refunded my money as well, which sweetened the deal).

But for those of you that haven't seen this article published by The Daily Mail, I really thought it was something that all make-up and beauty lovers should be made aware of. The problem isn't just fake make-up that isn't quite as good as you thought it would be anymore, but the products can actually be dangerous to your health! Some of the fakes that were scientifically tested, showed up alarming quantities of lead, copper, mercury  and arsenic! Some of the fake eyeliners also showed up to contain traces of paint stripper and nail varnish remover! I am utterly shocked by this article, and can't believe that there are people doing this. It is a very scary thought that you think you have just found yourself a bargin make-up item and it could potentially put in the doctors surgery if not hospital.

So the next time you are shopping on ebay or amazon, please bear this in mind and be super careful about who and where you purchase your beloved make-up from.

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Daily Mail

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