Thursday, 4 October 2012

Some Party Hairstyles

I know that Christmas is a little way off yet, but this is the start of the party season. Halloween is in a few weeks, then Bonfire Night, then the lead up to the big day is upon you! What will you be wearing for all these Autumn/Winter events?

It's nice to get dressed up and do your hair and make-up, when you feel good about yourself you have a better time no?

I thought I would include a few hairstyles I have done for clients in the past to give you some inspiration.

Hairz n Graces

Hairz n Graces

Hairz n Graces

If any of you are interested in having your hair and make-up done and you are in the south east of England, feel free to get in touch! Would be great to meet some of my readers in person.

Here is my website, so check it out: Hairz n Graces

Have fun planning your party looks!


  1. Oh wow, they're all so pretty!
    I wish I was that good at styling my own hair

    1. Thank you. It's never easy to style your own hair, you can't see the back of your head and if you use two mirrors your arms always go in the wrong direction! haha


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