Friday, 26 October 2012


I have painted my nails with "the spy who loved me" from the skyfall collection today, it's a really pretty red with fine gold flecks and I was really impressed with the coverage of this polish. I usually use 2 coats of OPI polish to get a really even coverage but "the spy who loved me" went on so well that I only needed one coat.

Skyfall, the spy who loved me, goldeneye

For me this colour was a little bright on my nails alone. I am not a huge fan of red on finger nails, so I put a coat of "goldeneye" over the top which is a gold glitter polish, and it looks so pretty. The glitter in this polish is so dense it gives more of a gold leaf effect in places and I have only used one coat. I am looking forward to using it solo with a couple of coats, I think it will look beautiful.

Together the colours work really well and look very festive, so I think I may this combination again nearer to Christmas.

OPI The spy who loved me, goldeneye

What do you think?


  1. This looks stunning hun. Definitely think I might need to invest in these x

  2. Thank you! I have the mini ones so you get to try 4 colours for the price of 1.

  3. oooo that looks gorgeous, really festive & warm :D


    1. Thank you! Deffo a good party style for xmas. x


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