Sunday, 7 October 2012

MUA Constellation Review

If you have read my blog before you may have seen that I was really excited to get my hands on 2 bottles of MUA's nail constellation and I couldn't wait to do some nail art with them. I love the way my nail art turned out, but I have experienced a few problems with the little decorative balls.

Michelle Bowers, stories of an english rose
Now I read on the MUA blog not to put top coat over them as it dulls the colour, so I did as I was told but the consellation literally starts falling off straight away. I did the nail art before going out for dinner and by the time I got home a had bare patches in my patterns where they had fallen off and I was finding these little balls rolling around all over the place, I'm pretty sure I have eaten a few as well where they have fallen off into my food! The other annoying thing with them is every time I try to tie my hair up or even touch my hair, strands get caught in the constellation and pull bits of my hair-do out and pull off even more of the balls!

Because there was no top coat on them, there was also nothing to protect them from water, so after I washed my hands only a couple of times, rather than wearing turquoise and deep purple constellation on my nails I had lilac and silver where the colour had worn off completely! Not impressed!

I have since discovered yet another problem with having this on my nails, I have quite long nails and when I type they sometimes slip off the keys and go into the cracks inbetween, which normally isn't a problem. But now that I have added thickness, my nails sometimes get jammed in the keyboard!! It was quite funny the first time it happened, I ended up with a lot of "a's" in my word where my finger was stuck and it kept typing whilst I tried to release my finger nail from the keyboards clutches. But now it is just niggling me, and I really want to take it off of my nails and feel free to touch my hair, type and eat without getting stuck or consuming something that I'm pretty sure I'm not meant to!

I'm not denying that it looks really striking on the nails, but I just think that at the very least a top coat needs to be applied to prevent it falling straight off, and losing it's colour and at least then you will have a smoother surface to your design so it shouldn't get caught on everything. I think the next time I use this, I will put a gel layer over the top to lock them in. 

I hate that it seems like I'm bad mouthing a product, but I had to be honest. Especially seeing as there are so many people who are yet to get some of the constellations seeing as they have been sold out in many stores, I don't want people to get it home and be dissapointed.


  1. Thankyou so so much for doing a post on this! I was planning on buying a bottle of the stuff next time I pop in to town but wont be after reading this! This is why I love bloggers, you have saved me wasting my money on duff products! Would love it if you take a look at my blog -
    Lucy x

  2. i've had mine on a few days with no top-coat, and they have stayed on. I think they are really good x

    1. Don't you get them caught in your hair and on your clothes?


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