Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Little Superdrug Haul

I had to do a trip to the bank and post office yesterday and thought I would go on a little diversion into Superdrug whilst I was there as I wasn't able to get some of MUA's new constellations at the weekend because they were sold out. Luckily this little branch of Superdrug wasn't, so I picked up this little lot:

MUA constellations

If you fancy buying anything from MUA they are doing a free lipgloss with every purchase at the moment, so I picked up one of those as well. The new Vaseline pink bubbly was by the checkout so that was a bit of an impulse buy as I have heard loads about it and wanted to give it a try. I missed out on last years creme brulee limited edition so I didn't want to miss out again!

I also have just got back from Tesco where I got myself the Vivo unprotected colour block palette as I have the enchanted one and I have been so impressed with it. I also bought a new Kate lipstick by Rimmel in shade 01 which I will do swatches of tomorrow. The Kate range of lippies are in really nice colours and it took me ages to decide on which one to buy.

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