Friday, 5 October 2012

Fact Friday

I just thought I would do this for fun, a few little facts about me today.

Whats on my nails today?

I just did my nails today, you may have seen in the post below. But I have mint candy apple by essie on my nails with patterns done with MUA nail constellations in leo.

How am I wearing my hair?

I have my hair in a high bun, I wear it like this a lot at the moment because it's quick and easy and also because my hair is naturally curly so most of the time I can't be bothered to blow dry and straighten it so it looks a little messy down. I'm also trying to give my hair a rest from heat, as when my anemia was quite bad a couple of months ago my hair started to fall out, so I have some areas with little tufts growing back and I don't want to put my hair under any undue stress in case it starts falling out again (nightmare)!

What perfume do I have on?

I am wearing my favourite, Jean Paul Gaultier classic. I love strong scents, and this one has notes of vanilla which I love. I am more a fan of vanilla fragrances than I am fruity or floral. So that's what I smell like lol

What am I wearing?

I have on a dark denim skirt, with a vivid green layered top. I am meeting a friend for dinner so will probably wear a pair of black wedged boots when I go out.

What make up do I have on?

I have L'Oreal infallible foundation, Benefit cha cha tint on my cheeks, and Benefit big beautiful eyes trio eyeshadow, I don't currently have anything on my lips but will probably put on some vaseline pink bubbly before I leave.

What am I having for dinner?

Nando's! Yummy, I have been in a weird mood today and haven't really fancied anything to eat. Some days I just can't seem to find something I want even though I feel hungry. The only thing I even nearly fancied was a chicken salad because it is nice and light, and rice, bread and pasta make my belly hurt so I have to really want them in order to risk the uncomfortable feeling I will get. I had a passanda for dinner last night with a little rice and I felt so full afterwards I want to give my stomach a break tonight.

If there are any questions you would like me to include next time comment below! 


  1. Hi :) I found your blog through bbloggers blog hop and followed :) Please check out my blog if you have time :) xx

    1. Hiya hun, thanks for stopping by. I am just on my way out now but will have a little snoop at your blog later. Have a fab weekend!


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