Monday, 1 October 2012

Bronze Eye Tutorial Using Famous Cosmetics

I reviewed the high five shadows in glitzy earlier, I have now created a look with them, and they come out so beautifully on the skin.

famous cosmetics

famous cosmetics

So you can easily tell which shades I used I have numbered them.

I used shade one all over my lid and a little under my brow and into my tear duct area.
Then I used shade two on my lid, not going all the way into the inner corner as I wanted it to look a little lighter there. Then I used shade 3 on the outer corner of my eye in a v shape and I blend it just above my socket line to give my eyelids a little more width. I also smudged a little more of shade 3 under my eye. I then used a Vivo eye pencil in black to smudge under my eyes, and because I intended for this to be a more easy to wear look I used Benefit big beautiful eyes matte brown eye-shadow along my upper lashline instead of black liner. But if you would like it to look a bit more dramatic then use a liquid liner instead.

Finished look!

famous cosmetics

Check back tomorrow, I will be creating another look using these eye-shadows inspired by the make-up created  for Chloe on the catwalk!

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