Thursday, 18 October 2012

Advent Calendars

I'm pretty sure that if you aren't a fan of Christmas you may get a little sick of me over the coming months, for this I will apologise now.

Now onto the serious matter of advent calendars!

I have had one every year since I was a child, when I was small I had a fabric Christmas tree with little pockets that my mum would fill with all the usual kiddy crap we loved, miniature pencils, rubbers, pencil sharpeners you name it I would get myself in a flap over it every morning in December as I threw myself down the stairs as fast as I could to find out what was going to be in the little pocket that morning. Sometimes I would almost combust with excitement when there was a little note in the pocket telling me where to find my gift, this would mean that it was too big to fit in the calendar so had to be something extra good!

Now that I am an adult (ahem) I just get a chocolate calendar instead which isn't nearly as much fun, so this year I declared to my mother I have found the calendar that I want, to which she smirked knowing it wasn't going to be cheap!

As calendars go at £38 it's not the cheapest no, but I think it is well worth the money. You may have already guessed it, I want the Ciate mini mani month!
17 mini paint pots, 4 mini caviar blends and 3 paint pot glitter shades! I can feel the self combustion coming on again as I type. I am so excited about this calendar, and the best bit; my mum agreed to buy it for me! I'm a very lucky girl indeed.

ciate mini mani month calendar

There is an even better advent calendar from Selfridges. The beauty advent calendar features 24 mini beautylicious treats from top brands like Lancome and Shu Uemura, but at £82 my mum might just recoil in horror at the price tag of that one! It does look lovely though!

The beauty advent calendar

Who says advent calendars are just for kids?!


  1. I really want the 2nd one, but just can't face splashing out that much money on it! Maybe next year i'll save up for it!


  2. Oh Katrina, you don't buy it for yourself, that's against the rules! You need someone else to buy it for you x

  3. I soo want that advent calendar! Amazing!!! X

    1. I am still waiting for mine. I hope it doesn't sell out!


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