Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Snakeskin Manicure

We all know that nail art is going crazy at the moment, gone are the days where one plain colour was considered fashionable for your fingers. Now the most cutting edge manicure you can have is a real snakeskin one!

Snakes shed their skin regularly so the dead skin is what is used to adorn your nails between 2 layers of gel and cured under a UV lamp. If you fancy this new nail craze though it will cost you dearly as it currently costs around £150 for a full set at London salon the hand and foot spa in Chelsea.

snakeskin manicure

It will set you back £160 to have your toe nails done, or £82 per toe! I have to admit I think it looks pretty stunning, even if it is a little strange to have dead skin stuck to your nails.

snakeskin pedicure

With 170 possible colour combinations you really will be able to have something unique.

What are your thoughts on this latest craze? Loving it, or a bit too weird for you?

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