Monday, 24 September 2012

Olympia Beauty Show

I went to the pro beauty show at Olympia yesterday in the pouring rain! Doesn't it really feel like Autumn now?

It was so busy in there, and you can imagine the kind of atmosphere you are entering when it is 99% females and a whole exhibition center full of cosmetics!!! There was pushing, and there was shoving, and there was elbows in the ribs and stamping on the feet, especially when you were in the Essie and OPI stands! I suppose that's what you get when there are nail varnishes at trade price. But I am a very happy girly as I got my little mitts on a mini's set from OPI's new Skyfall collection which is out next month.
OPI skyfall minis

They are stunning colours and I really can't wait to give them a try, the 4 colours you get in the set are goldeneye, the spy who loved me, the world is not enough and live and let die. They are beautiful festive colours and are perfect for Autumn/Winter. Keep checking back as I will be doing some swatches of these in the next couple of days!

I also picked up one of these from OPI

opi cozu-melted in the sun

This is one of the Lovely lips and tips sets, which are matching nail polish and lipglosses. I got Cozu- melted in the sun, which is a gorgeous bronzed pink colour with little gold flecks. It is such a beautiful colour and I am very excited to try out the OPI gloss!

I also picked up a few nail art bits from NSI and various other stands. 

nail art

The bottles of striping colour were a bargin at only 49p each! I am very happy with those, one of my 2 favourite colours is mint or teal green so I got one of each and they go together really well so I may do a nail art post real soon with those. I also got some glitter dust one in lemon and one in pale green and then another in neon yellow. I know it may seem an unusual colour choice, but I am really loving neon colours at the moment and I also thought they would be quite handy to have in my kit for photo shoots. The little set of gold nail art pots are really cute, it has one pot of gold bullion beads which look really lovely in nail art so am looking forward to using those as well. 

I went to a make-up seminar whilst I was there and we were given little pots of The Body Shop creams to take away, I have one of each of the rose and lemon body butter and a white musk lotion. I love The Body Shop body butters and the lemon one smells gorgeous! 

My last purchase was an airbase airbush and compressor. I have been meaning to get myself a new airbrush for a long time, as my silver jet was really old and so heavy and not very easy to cart around with me to jobs, not to mention how noisy it was. A few years ago I worked with another make-up artist on a wedding and she had an airbase compressor and I was stunned at how small and quiet it was and have really wanted one ever since. So I made a deal with myself that if the price at the show was good enough then I would get one.....

I came away from the show feeling really inspired and it just hammers it home how much I love the industry I work in. I love all things beauty, hair and make-up and feel excited to be a part of it.

We stopped off for something to eat on the way home, and ended up at Chiquitos. I was craving a milkshake last week when I went to Thorpe park with the fam, but nowhere served them so when I saw a chocolate milkshake on the menu here I was sold. Big mistake, it was basically chocolate syrup shaken with milk, I was expecting a full on thick ice-cream milkshake. I had the Cajun fish sandwich with chips and coleslaw which was delish and we couldn't resist getting pudding as we had a voucher to get them for free, it would have been rude not to. I had the fudge waffles and my friend had the chocolate sizzler, which is a brownie served in a steaming hot skillet that they pour caramel sauce into once at the table. I had been put off previously because when they pour the sauce on it smells like it just burns from the heat, but she assured me it was yummy. Then we ran screaming like banshees back to the car because it was raining so hard!

Fudge waffles

An awesome Sunday spent with a wonderful friend!

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