Wednesday, 12 September 2012

No 7 Hot Cloth Cleanser

I had read about this cleanser on someone else's blog, I honestly can't remember who's though. But when I was in Boots the other day I had a £5 off voucher for the no 7 range so thought I would give it a go. I have always suffered from less than perfect skin, especially around the corners of my mouth and chin. This is apparently the area that breaks out when you have hormonal imbalances and problems with your colon, which is not surprising with me as I have Inflammatory bowel disease, basically that means that my colon doesn't work the way it should, and I get inflammation and ulceration in my intestines. So I am more or less fighting a losing battle, BAH!

See rather scary looking facial mapping picture:

Bien-etre spa
It doesn't stop me wanting to try and improve my skin though, so I have been using this cleanser morning and night for the last 6 days now. It comes in a nice pump bottle and I find 2 pumps gives me enough cleanser for the whole of my face. It has a lovely texture, not too thick and creamy. Lovely and smooth and feels nice on your skin. I make sure I massage it onto my face really well, to help with blood circulation and then use the muslin cloth (provided) to rinse the cleanser off. I have to admit that in the past I used a cleansing wipes to take make-up off because I was lazy and the thought of having to stand at the sink before bed and mess around getting wet and splashing my hair and clothes didn't exactly enthuse me, but the muslin cloth whips the cleanser off really easily with no mess or hassle, and is just abrasive enough that your skin feels exfoliated and soft afterwards.

No 7 Hot cloth cleanser

So after my 6 days of cleansing I am pretty impressed. My forehead has always had alright skin, I very rarely get spots there and just had a couple of tiny bumps under the skin, so I have noticed the biggest change there. My forehead is lovely and smooth, and the bumps have gone, the texture of the skin has improved so much! Now to my problem area, my chin is looking a little better, the bumps seem to be going down and the redness has settled slightly. I know it is only 6 days, I am not expecting miracles here, so I will stick with it and see how much my skin improves after having used it for a few weeks. But for 6 days I am really impressed with the improvement, so if your skin is alright generally then I think you would see a difference in the texture almost immediately.

The hot cloth cleanser is £9.95, and in case you don't know No 7 is Boots' own range so you earn those lovely little advantage card points on your tenner!! You can purchase the cleanser here.

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