Monday, 10 September 2012

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Body takes a beating

Laura is a model and public figure who as a young teen was bullied about the way she looked, she has since turned things around for herself, found her self confidence despite people's nasty comments and has even gone onto scoop 5 Beauty Pageant titles, most recently Miss Supernational Scotland! She has also graced the pages of magazines and newspapers as well as hitting our screens on ITV's This Morning to debate cosmetic surgery, there really is no stopping this 27 year old beauty.

I got the chance to ask Laura a few questions, see what she has to say below.

Laura, how did you get into modelling?

I was spotted by a freelance photographer when I was 17 in Tesco's

What's your favourite thing about being a model?

You get to travel to exotic locations and get lots of free clothes - also the attention you get

What are you currently reading?

Louise Hayes - how to make your life better 

What's on your ipod at the moment? 

Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, and Jessie J

What is your all time favourite beauty product?

Elemis pro collagen night cream, and Crest whitening strips- amazing!

Sweet or savoury?


What's your favourite coffee?

I don't really drink coffee, but I'm addicted to chai tea latte 

Who is your fashion/beauty icon?

Tyra Banks,  Kim Kardashian and Janice Dickinson 

Your desert island essentials?

Argan oil - you can use it on your face, your hair and your body 

What's your skincare routine?

Cleanse, tone and moisturise.  Peels, facials, tanning, and exfoliate 

What's your favourite highstreet store?


Your favourite thing to eat?


Your favourite cocktail?

Lychee martini

Laura Summers, body takes a beating

Laura has lots of exciting projects coming up including a cosmetics line that she is going to keep me updated on. So check back for more info!

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