Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Bobby Jo's Diner

Nothing to do with beauty this one, but as I mentioned yesterday I was going out for dinner. I wanted to show you the delights we ordered.

I have a love affair with milkshakes, and this bubblegum flavour is one of my favourites, and it looks amazing as well.

bubblegum milkshake

So delicious, I could drink about 10! Everyone else in the diner was drinking the same, even all of the staff were enjoying a bubblegum milkshake! 

bacon cheeseburger at bobby jo's diner

My boyfriend's bacon and cheese burger with the yummiest curly fries and onion rings, and my chicken and beef enchilada.

bobby jos diner

I love american style diners, especially this one because the colours are beautiful, rather than the typical red you usually see. The staff all dress up in 1950's style as well, the waitresses wear pink button up dresses and have their hair in victory rolls, and the waiters side part their hair. Such an awesome touch!

Bobby Jo's Diner

Bobby Jo's is located in Southend in Essex, if you ever take a trip to the seaside make sure you drop into Bobby Jo's for a milkshake.

Just a quick update on the OPI lipgloss as promised, the colour is quite light but it is super shiny and has the prettiest little flecks of shimmer. Mwah!

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