Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Behind the Scenes!

Yesterday I was at The Dye House studios for quite a dark photo shoot and open day. The Dye House part of the studio has just opened, so it was an open set and location scouts and fashion insiders were free to pop in whilst we were shooting to come and see how the space could be used. This meant we were being watched by quite a crowd of people!

The theme of the shoot was quite dark and a little unusual, and we had a slaughtered pig on set as well as a butcher with a lot of big knives! The photos were taking place in the middle of a boxing ring, with the butchers table and pig! I tried my best not to get too close to the pig.

Michelle Bowers, stories of an english rose

The whole studio was filled with smoke and it gave an awesome atmosphere. The rest of the team were all lovely, and we got on so well and had a really fun day. 

Michelle Bowers, stories of an english rose

I know the photos are rubbish quality, but they are just candid shots taken on my phone throughout the day. I love being able to look back on these, as they jog my memory to certain points on set that I would otherwise forget, and hopefully they are interesting for you to see as well, as you get to see all the bits that you aren't meant to see in the final images.

Michelle Bowers, stories of an english rose

Above is said pig and butcher, as you can see this set of images were meant to be quite dark and twisted, both of the models had matching outfits and hair, to create the look of twins. I do want to add that the pig wasn't wasted, Charlie did cut it up and the onsite chef took the meat to be used. 
Michelle Bowers, stories of an english rose

George the chef did a wonderful job of keeping the crew and all visitors fed all day long, with a multitude of lovely food, if there were any breaks during the shooting you could find most of us huddled around the kitchen counter waiting for risotto balls to come out of the fryer!

Michelle Bowers, stories of an english rose

One of the lovely models with a rather frizzy hair-do. 
Michelle Bowers, stories of an english rose

The day went really well, the crew were fab but after spending 8 hours on my feet, I was knackered and couldn't wait for my bed, shame it took me 2 hours 20 mins to get home! Annoying traffic!!

Don't forget to check back soon to see some of the final images!!

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