Tuesday, 18 September 2012

A little bit of this and that

Bit of a mixed post today, just got a lot to babble on about really.....

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend, mine was just what I needed, 2 whole days spent away from any kind of emails, work and internet.

I had a bit of an issue at the hairdressers on Saturday, I was booked in at a different salon to the one I usually go to and had never been there before. The hairdresser doing my hair stank of a mixture of alcohol and cigarette smoke which was lovely as you can imagine, she also seemed rather concerned about being able to blow-dry my wavy hair straight without the aid of straighteners! She convinced her boss to do it for her instead. I was booked in for half a head of highlights and a cut and blow-dry; after my highlights were rinsed off I noticed the colour wasn't really what it should have been so at the point that they seemed to forget I was booked in for a cut I decided to stay quiet as I wanted to get out of there as soon as I could.

The original hairdresser had gone off on her lunch break when my hair was finished, so the guy who had done my blow-dry faffed around the salon walking back and forth trying to phone her, then faffed behind the reception desk before finally asking for payment which was clear he wasn't sure how much he was supposed to charge me. When I got home I realised that the colour had bled at the root and I had a few unattractive stripes, and then my phone rang, it was the hairdresser telling me that he had undercharged me! I was so shocked, as the amount he thought he had undercharged me by was more than I should have paid if I had had my hair cut as well! Very very unimpressed with their service and skills so will not be going back in the future and hope that my normal hairdresser never needs to go on holiday again! (yes alright that may be a little unfair on her)

We had a big family BBQ on Sunday, and I saw lots of cousins, 2nd cousins and even 3rd cousins! I ate way too much cake, as both my mum and my aunt are great at baking and provided us with 8 cakes and desserts to choose from (I had so much trouble choosing that I had more than one haha).

Yesterday my brother and I had a family trip to Thorpe Park with children and partners, and it was great fun. The last ride we went on before leaving was tidal wave and we got absolutely soaked through, so had to do a quick change of clothes back at the car before heading home.

So there you go, a little non beauty related round up of my weekend!

Now just to remind myself that this is in fact a beauty blog, a photo of my growing Vivo collection:

vivo cosmetics

And this pic is minus the 2 glosses and lipstick that I have. 

I have been using the Sugar Plum eyeshadow trio a lot recently, the purple shades go really well with my green eyes and make them look greener which I love. I am also really fond of the colour block palette, there are some lovely matte neutrals in there which are perfect for no make-up look days, and I even used them on a photo shoot a couple of weeks ago.

Have you tried out any Vivo products yet?

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