Thursday, 16 August 2012

OPI Lust List

I will not deny that I have a deep love for OPI nail varnish. I used to retail them because they were so popular and people used to spend ages admiring the colours and adding to their collections. But I had never tried them myself, because I was a nail varnish cynic! In the past whenever I had painted my nails they would chip within a day if not the day I had painted them, and it used to piss me right off! So much so I had given up completely and vowed not to bother, as it clearly wasn't meant to be on my nails. But then one day the nail varnish god shone down on me, I was bored and decided to try out this beautiful pale pink OPI varnish, I slapped it on without a second thought and a week later it was still on my nails with not a chip in sight! I was gobsmacked, and could now understand why girls used to flock over to me and eagerly ask if I had any new colours and buy 3 varnishes in one go!

So there is my little nail varnish triumph story, and how I came to have an unhealthy obsession for all things OPI. I do babble on, so here is the point of my post, 3 colours I am currently lusting after and may if I'm very good treat myself to.

Do you also love OPI? What are your current favourites?

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