Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Liz Earle body wash and body cream

Good afternoon everyone!
My post is late today because I have been taking advantage of the sunshine by sitting outside all day, it has been so lovely and hot. So I sat out on the decking, read magazines and drank iced tea. Bliss

I blogged about some sample sizes of Liz Earle botanical body wash and body cream the other day, and I have had a couple of days to try them out so here are my thoughts.
The fragrance of these reminds me of my days working in beauty salons, the smell is reminiscent of the products we used that contain a lot of essential oils. Personally this fragrance isn't for me, I prefer something either fruity or vanillary (if that's even a word). However the body wash did lather up nicely and left me feeling clean, and the body cream soaked in well, didn't leave me feeling all slimy and left my skin feeling smooth afterwards.
If you like the smell of essential oils and a very beauty salon smell then you will love these, you can get the Orange Flower Botanical Body Wash in a try me/travel size so you can give it a whirl before committing to the full size.

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