Thursday, 16 August 2012

How do you pout?

As far back as I can remember I have loved lip balms, I always had at least one in the pocket of my school uniform, sometimes it was more like 3 of 4 in various fragrances. We weren't allowed to wear make-up at school so lip balm was nice and shiny and my way of getting away with glossy lips.
Nothing much has changed now I'm an adult, I still always have lip balm on me. I have to say I panic a little if I don't have any ( I know a little bit crazy, right?) But I actually got really upset when my lip balm fell out of my bag in my friends car and I couldn't find it; she called me a couple of days later to say she had found the little sucker hiding down the side of the seat and she returned it to its rightful home, the pocket in my handbag.

So although I don't have such an array of different lip balms now, my trusty sidekick is a little tube of Carmex. I love this stuff, it's great for making your lips feel smooth and moisturised. A little will make your lips look plump and dewy, or a more generous application will make them nice and shiny if you don't have a clear gloss. This is no one trick pony either, it can be used for all sorts of things. I have used it as cuticle balm when I have been out and about, or to soothe a hang nail. It also works well as an eyebrow gel. The benefits of this little product were drummed into us at college when we had one make-up tutor who was a massive fan and insisted that it needed to be in our kits, and no make-up artist worth her weight would be seen without it...... some things just stick huh?

On a side note my avon lady delivered my Glazewear Sparkle in shimmering amethyst today...... LOVE IT! Will blog about it soon.

Have a lovely evening guys!


  1. I like Carmex, it's quite stingy but that's what makes you pout isn't it?

  2. Hi Sophie,

    It's great, which fragrance have you tried?


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