Thursday, 9 August 2012

Favourite Straighteners

Now I know that GHD has become a household name and many people believe them to be the best, so much so that people say they GHD'd their hair instead of saying they straightened it (which really bugs me). I unfortunately have never been a fan of their straighteners, opting for a different brand instead and having even converted friends who were GHD worshipers. The brand that I favour is Ego T3 (previously known as Bespoke Labs). I bought my first set of Bespoke Labs straighteners when my previous set of Kodo ones died, and I have never looked back. I have quite curly frizzy hair myself and these tame it so well and keep it smooth even in the face of dampness and humidity.
A few years back a friend of mine had volunteered to be my model at a wedding fayre I was exhibiting at, I was demonstrating different bridal hair looks and was curling her hair with my T3 straighteners one side whilst my colleague curled the other side with her GHD straighteners. Once I was home I got a phone call from my friend saying that the side curled with the GHD's had fallen out, but the side curled with my T3's was still bouncy and perfect. I rest my case.
hair straighteners

The Ego irons work with HW2 technology which smooths and de-frizzes the hair, leaving it looking lovely and sleek. They are widely available on the internet and prices start from around £79.95 for slim plates.
Give them a try, you might just be converted.


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