Sunday, 5 August 2012

Budget Lipgloss

Hi everyone, I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. I decided to forgo the lakeside trip yesterday in favour of coffee, dinner and drinks with friends. But I have been out this morning and bought a couple of new make-up bits, so I have gathered up some of the lip glosses I have purchased and will fill you in on my thoughts.

lipgloss vivo sunsetSo first up is a gloss from cosmetics brand Vivo. I know there has been a bit of hype about this brand in the blogging community at the moment, but it's no wonder when you can pick up quality products from as little as £1.50, and you don't have to travel too far to get them either as they are in Tesco stores Nationwide.
I have plenty of pinks and nudes so I decided to go for something a little brighter, I picked up shade 3- Sunrise. It's a cross between a deep fuchsia and red, a really lovely colour. In the tube it looks really bold, I don't usually hold high hopes for glosses looking as bold as they do in the tube when you put them on, but I was pleasantly surprised with this. It really did come out as bright as it looked and was lovely to apply with the little brush tip. It went on smooth and rich and I didn't have to apply layers of the product to get a really nice colour. I have even had a drink since applying and it still looks really good, not bad for £1.49!

lipglossMy second lipgloss to comment on is Bourjois Effect 3D in Rose Charismatic, shade 29. This is a really pale sugar pink colour with little flecks of glitter throughout. I have worn this a few times in the last week and I think it is good for days when you don't want any colour on your lips as it comes out almost clear when on. I don't really think there is even a hint of pink when it's on, however the sparkle is nice. It is very subtle so perfect for day time, I don't think it would show up enough for wearing out for a night on the tiles. This also has a brush applicator like the Vivo gloss, so it is easy to get a nice clean application. It displays the 8h logo on the bottom of the tube, not sure it really lasts anywhere near 8 hours though.

I also have shade 8 Framboise Tonic from the same collection, which as the name suggests is a raspberry colour and it also has the little flecks of glitter. I am much more in favour of this shade than the previous one, it goes on with a nice juicy colour.


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