Saturday, 4 August 2012

Baby Soft

It's Saturday morning and it looks a little dark and depressing outside right now, so it seems I will be stuck in the house today because of the fear that I might drown if I go out there!
body cream
Now for those of you that have had a look at my profile description you will know that sometimes I suffer with dry skin, I was quite unwell at the beginning of the year with my IBD and this dried my skin out all over my body. My boyfriend had bought me a Soap & Glory set at Christmas and I was very thankful for my bottle of The righteous butter body lotion. I really love this stuff, I think it's an amazing moisturiser and clears up any dry patches overnight. I even use it on my heels and it does the trick, when usually you would need a much richer cream designed for feet. I suppose it's no wonder that it was given a beauty award by Elle. 
This lovely stuff also has the signature scent of Soap & Glory and it is gorgeous and lasts so well on your skin, so if you slather this on in the morning your skin will still smell beautiful at the end of the day. Can you tell I love this stuff? 
Now I know many of you will be familiar with this brand and are probably thinking this is old news. But I'm not just about checking out new products, but I think that the old faithfuls deserve recognition from time to time as well. If you have never tried any of the Soap & Glory range, I suggest you hot step down to your nearest Boots and buy yourself some!

Another of my moisturising winners is also a classic. The body butters from The Body Shop are rich and sumptuous and smell divine. I have memories of weekend shopping trips as a teen spending ages in The Body Shop smelling my way through the range. Now days it's a lot bigger than it was back then and I have been know to still stand in there for a very long time sniffing through all the different fragrances! The lovely peeps at The Body Shop are offering 50% off of their Dreams Unlimited and Love ETC body butter at the moment which makes it a steal because at around £12.50 per tub they are not the cheapest but they are fantastic and they of course do last forever because they are so rich.

For those of you who have never spent a Saturday dipping your fingers into the various different body butters, you may not be aware of their coconut shimmer body butter. Not only does it smell gorgeous and transports you to sipping pina colada's on a hot beach but it will make your skin look great as you do so. The fine shimmer particles in the butter look stunning on your skin. Now I'm not talking full on explosion in a glitter factory here just a very subtle sexy shimmer that is perfect for summertime (if we ever get any) and goes great with a tan.
body shop coconut body butter
The other bonus is that at the moment it is on special offer and is only £7.50! So if you march yourself over to their site now you can pick up a bargin. 

Now if I play my cards right, I might be taken to spend a rainy day mooching about in Lakeside today, so I could have a lot more to talk about tonight...... watch this space!
Whatever you are up to today, have a fabulous Saturday everyone.


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